Work Experience

Saudi Research Science Institute Tutor (2014)
King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST)

  • SRSI is a program to develop science and engineering talent within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia; about 40 advanced Saudi students are selected to conduct independent research science projects.
  • One of about 12 tutors selected internationally.
  • Responsible for providing guidance and academic support to students, and evaluating student progress.

Teaching Assistant, ECO 322 (2014)
University of Texas, Austin

  • ECO 322 (“Money and Banking”) involves theoretical and practical aspects of banking, financial intermediation, and regulation.
  • Responsible for assisting students’ essay writing and grading student essays.

Teaching Assistant, ECO 301 (2013)
University of Texas, Austin

  • ECO 301 (“Introduction to Economics”) involves basic economic principles such as supply and demand, government policy, and neighborhood effects
  • Responsible for leading review sessions, answering questions about course materials, and grading problem sets

Course Reader, MSE 103 (2012-2013)
University of California, Berkeley

  • MSE 103 (“Phase Transformations and Kinetics”) involves the study of solution thermodynamics, phase equilibria, diffusion, and nucleation/growth
  • Responsible for grading student problem sets

Charles G. Koch Summer Fellow (2010)
Texas Public Policy Foundation

  • TPPF is a nonprofit, free-market think tank in Austin, Texas
  • One of about 90 Fellows selected from about 1,300 applicants nationally
  • Researched and analyzed Texas and Federal legislation and regulations
  • Emphasis on energy and environmental policy
  • Research also included health, labor, and fiscal policy
  • Informed legislators and the public about public policy issues through policy briefs and editorials based on academically-sound research

Undergraduate Support Technical Staff (2008-2009)
The Aerospace Corporation

  • The Aerospace Corporation operates a Federally Funded Research and Development Center to support the Air Force and commercial aerospace
  • Investigated the reliability physics of various battery chemistries for application in National Security Space
  • Performed collaborative research with senior technical staff developing novel, proprietary battery anode materials